Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting Brave

I managed to talk myself into going back to the doctor's office last week.  I was really nervous about getting the blood work.  I don't mind the needles or anything, I feared the results.  I have not been good about my sugar intake and am quite embarrassed to admit my lack of self-control.  Fortunately the medicines that I'm on are doing their jobs because my A1C has actually fallen quite a bit in the 9 months since I was last tested.  I went from a 10.6, a horrendously high number, to a 6.4.  My doctor feels this is acceptable enough that I don't need to up my doses or take any additional meds.  I would love to get this number lower and be able to ween myself down off my meds this year.
Santa brought a Kinect for Christmas and I'm really excited about how much fun we're having with the basic game that was included.  I plan to purchase The Biggest Loser for Kinect soon and really start trying to lose some of the massive amount of weight I've gained since becoming a stay at home mom.
I would love to hear from women like myself struggling with diabetes and exercise motivation!


  1. I joined Richard Simmons website. I've met some amazing people who I am blessed to say are becoming my friends. We really keep each other motivated.

  2. Think you might be due for another blog post soon ;)